I found so many benefits to using a Personal Planner. My Personal Planner is my life line! I take it with me everywhere. The girls at work giggle when they see me pull it out of my bag during break time but it is where I plan and organize my days and weeks to come. As you can see from the photo above, I use a paper planner. My husband uses Google calendar because he is a techie guy but me, I prefer pen and paper. Writing things down also helps me to remember things. My planner is one place for everything, my calendar and to do lists. Below is my list of 5 Benefits to using a Personal Planner.

  1. The most obvious reason for using a Personal Planner is it helps you to stay organized! For myself, it has reduced my stress levels of keeping track of life with 5 boys.
  2. Less screen time. By using a paper planner you are spending less time on your device.
  3. Reduces stress. Using a Personal Planner allows you to stay organized and on top to things. I know for myself, this is key in keeping my stress levels down.
  4. Improved time management. By writing down what needs to be done, you can visualize what needs to be done first and prioritize your to do lists.
  5. Increased Productivity. By using my planner I find that I get more tasks done and I am more productive.

Bonus: Creativity!! I love using different coloured pens and stickers in my planner. It makes things more enjoyable to view and adds a sense of fun!

Hope that was helpful!

Take care.