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What’s Your Plan B?

I think it is safe to say that gone are the days of lifelong employment and solid pension plans. Spending your entire career at one company is a thing of the past. This was more the era of our parents/grandparents (depending how old you are). So banking on lifelong job security in the traditional sense seems foolish. With society being more mobile these days, few families have desires to stay.. Read More

Signs you may need to Detox

I have always been curious in regards to needing/wanting to detox. I know there are the juice cleanses that are meant to detoxify your body. But my question here is how does one know if they really should do this? I am sure there are those who say it is healthy but why. So I’ve looked up to find out signs that you may need to detox.   1. Increased.. Read More

Arbonne’s ThermoBooster?

Well, it’s the new year once again and I am once again reviewing my weight. I am forever struggling with my weight. I have struggled with my weight gain ever since I had my first baby. Now I am not blaming the baby, it wasn’t him shoveling the food into my mouth. Nope, that was all my own doing. And the food just tasted oh so good! So now I am.. Read More

Stefanie’s Arbonne Referral Program

It’s simple and easy. Here’s how it works. For every new client who tells me that you referred Me to them, YOU will receive a 15% discount off your next order. That’s it! Told you it was simple. You can have a look at my web site here.  

Do Arbonne’s Energy Fizz Tabs Really Work?

It is a question I really needed to ask. I cannot faithfully claim a product does one thing if I have no real personal proof of the matter. So I tried them out. I ordered the Citrus Energy Fizz tabs which come in packs of 20. I found the taste a bit overpowering until I realized that you need to dissolve and entire tab in about a liter of water,.. Read More

Why RE9 Advanced for Men?

Should men use the RE9 Advanced for Men from Arbonne? I was curious and wanted to find out.  In my findings, I discovered that men’s skin is thicker, denser, oilier and more acidic then women’s skin due to the production of testosterone. Should men use a product line in taking care of their skin? The answer is yes, they should. Men’s skin is also firmer due to higher levels of collagen. However,.. Read More

My Adventure Begins

Arbonne and Coffee

Well, I feel a little ill at the moment. I’ve taken a huge leap of faith and jumped in with both feet and have officially become an Arbonne Consultant! Did I mention I feel sick to the stomach? I hear that is very normal and I’m sure it will soon pass. My goal is to be successful, as is anyone’s goal when starting their own business in direct sales. But.. Read More

To Arbonne or not to Arbonne

Arbonne Logo

Yup, that is my serious question. I have been thinking a great deal lately of returning into the line of direct sales, more specifically with Arbonne. I have been involved with direct sales in the past and have a love hate relationship with it. To be successful you need to put a great deal of work and effort into your business to see any rewards, this I know. But why.. Read More