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Struggling with my Goal

Getting Started

You would think by now I would have this whole healthy living goal under control, but the reality is I’m a struggling. I started out on the right track, I lost several pounds and was very pleased. However, I fell off the proverbial wagon and gained every ounce back. Looking at recent photographs I am really not pleased with what I see and it makes my mental health unhealthy. Boo… Read More

Getting Fit in 2018


My ultimate challenge for 2018 is to get fit! I have many reasons I would and need to do this. But ultimately it is for the greater health benefits and to keep up with my boys. And 2018 is the perfect year to do this, as we are planning a trip to Scotland with the family in the summer so there will be lots of walking involved as we visit.. Read More

New Year’s Resolution, How I’m doing so far?

Hello! So why am I writing this and why now? Simple. I am trying to be accountable to myself and try to keep on track and on target with my New Year’s resolution goal of losing weight and becoming fit. This was my 2016 Resolution. And how did I do??  Well … Life happened. Yup, with the best of intentions and no real plan … I will be turning last.. Read More


One would think that after certain life events occurred that I would have become more determined and motivated when it comes to my health and weight control. But … Nope. Last month especially I had a colleague approach me and inquire if I was expecting again. Still this did not motivate me to do something about my health and my weight gain, the scale just kept climbing up!! I simply.. Read More

Arbonne’s ThermoBooster?

Well, it’s the new year once again and I am once again reviewing my weight. I am forever struggling with my weight. I have struggled with my weight gain ever since I had my first baby. Now I am not blaming the baby, it wasn’t him shoveling the food into my mouth. Nope, that was all my own doing. And the food just tasted oh so good! So now I am.. Read More

Couch to 5K

Running shoes

Couch to 5K, oh how I hate thee. Well, not really. Let’s start from the beginning. I have been struggling with my weight since after the twins were born. I would lose some weight and then gain it right back again. See, I’m a stress eater who loves carbs. Not a healthy combination.   The twins are no longer babies but toddlers and I still haven’t lost the weight. I.. Read More

My Four Letter Word


My four letter word actually has more letters in it; it’s just that I don’t particularly like it or use it. My word? Exercise. Yup, I hate to exercise. I have been pregnant four times and for three of those times was able to lose all the baby weight through diet alone. It worked, until now. I guess because I’m older (even though I don’t feel it) my metabolism is.. Read More