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The View From My World


Clutter, most of us are guilty of having it. I know I have a house full of it right now. I’ve been reassured by the hubby that our house is no different then anyone else’s with so many kids. I beg to differ. I find it difficult keeping up with the clutter of the family and I am guilty as the rest in the ‘drop and forget’ practice too. To.. Read More

Struggling with my Goal

Getting Started

You would think by now I would have this whole healthy living goal under control, but the reality is I’m a struggling. I started out on the right track, I lost several pounds and was very pleased. However, I fell off the proverbial wagon and gained every ounce back. Looking at recent photographs I am really not pleased with what I see and it makes my mental health unhealthy. Boo… Read More

Getting Fit in 2018


My ultimate challenge for 2018 is to get fit! I have many reasons I would and need to do this. But ultimately it is for the greater health benefits and to keep up with my boys. And 2018 is the perfect year to do this, as we are planning a trip to Scotland with the family in the summer so there will be lots of walking involved as we visit.. Read More

Vision Boards and the Law of Attraction

So now that I have created my first vision board, I need to find a space for it! A place where I will see it often. I include many ideas on my board. Dreams, motivation and those things that are important to me such as Family and Faith. Vision boards are a collection of images that represent ideas of things that we want, be or do in life. These boards.. Read More

Vision Boards

The other day a colleague and I were talking about positive energy and the power of positive thinking when the topic of vision boards came up. She then challenged me to make a vision board and share it with her and she would do the same. In the days of being extremely busy with everything it seems I accepted the challenge. Now the big question, what is a personal vision.. Read More

New Year’s Resolution, How I’m doing so far?

Hello! So why am I writing this and why now? Simple. I am trying to be accountable to myself and try to keep on track and on target with my New Year’s resolution goal of losing weight and becoming fit. This was my 2016 Resolution. And how did I do??  Well … Life happened. Yup, with the best of intentions and no real plan … I will be turning last.. Read More


One would think that after certain life events occurred that I would have become more determined and motivated when it comes to my health and weight control. But … Nope. Last month especially I had a colleague approach me and inquire if I was expecting again. Still this did not motivate me to do something about my health and my weight gain, the scale just kept climbing up!! I simply.. Read More

Celebrate You!

When I was younger, I used to live each day to the fullest. I have no idea what has happened but I don’t seem to do that anymore. I have let the business of life get in the way of things and stopped taking time for myself. Oh, this is easily done, especially when you have a big family, but it is so important to remember to celebrate you too!.. Read More

A New Year’s Resolution

I have always wondered why we make resolutions at New Years. Where did this concept come from? It seems that the tradition as it were, stems from way back. In each culture there appears to be a history of making some sort of promise of improvement for the upcoming year. Keeping the Resolution Far too often we (or should I say I) have set a New Year’s resolution and then, for.. Read More

Signs you may need to Detox

I have always been curious in regards to needing/wanting to detox. I know there are the juice cleanses that are meant to detoxify your body. But my question here is how does one know if they really should do this? I am sure there are those who say it is healthy but why. So I’ve looked up to find out signs that you may need to detox.   1. Increased.. Read More