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11 Tips when Camping with Babies

Growing up I never went camping so when my husband and I started our adventure together, camping was a whole new experience for me. I must admit I was very overwhelmed by the prospect of sleeping outdoors in a tent but ever so thankful to have friends that are very outdoorsy and patient. The patience was for me, who was learning step by step how to go camping. And for.. Read More

Summer Flowers

This past weekend was Labour Day weekend and we of course spent out time up at the trailer. The boys had a glorious time riding their bikes and playing at the beach. One of my favourite things about being a mom is the wonderful little tokens of affection you receive. I absolutely love the random hugs the boys give as they are passing by or the coloured pictures. My most.. Read More

Good Night Trailer

It is so hard to believe that fall is here already! Where did time go? Somehow I feel we got jipped on out summer this year. We had a long cold snowy winter, cold spring and a very cool summer. By out standards anyways. Here’s hoping we get a nice fall, one that is not too cold and wet. This is the weekend we decided to close up the trailer.. Read More

Trailer Life


Raising five boys can be challenging. My ultimate goal is to raise them up to be good, well rounded men. So I will be teaching them how to do their own laundry and cook a simple meal, when the time comes. For now it’s simply exposing them to a different quality of life. We live in the suburbs of a major city, in what I call a cookie-cutter house on.. Read More

A Day at the Beach

Sand toys on the beach

It’s another beautiful and sunny day here at the Bay! The sun is hot and humid, but at the beach there’s a nice breeze blowing through. A perfect day to take the boys to the beach!   Now taking five boys to the beach is no easy task. There’s the beach toys (which we now have a mountain of thanks to Oma and Opa), the life jackets, towels, snacks, sunscreen etc… Read More