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MIA, But I’m Still Here!!

I realize that it has been quite some time since I have last written any posts. I am sorry about that. I guess I’ve allowed the crazy business of life to take over. Although, amongst all the business, I have decided to make myself even more busy by opening my very own, independent online antique shop! Honestly, I am excited yet scared about my new venture. I have had the.. Read More

How I feel today …

This saying totally describes me!! I have so many plans and ideas that I would to execute but I suffer from procrastination!! Oh how I wish I could overcome the procrastination bit.

Vision Boards and the Law of Attraction

So now that I have created my first vision board, I need to find a space for it! A place where I will see it often. I include many ideas on my board. Dreams, motivation and those things that are important to me such as Family and Faith. Vision boards are a collection of images that represent ideas of things that we want, be or do in life. These boards.. Read More

Vision Boards

The other day a colleague and I were talking about positive energy and the power of positive thinking when the topic of vision boards came up. She then challenged me to make a vision board and share it with her and she would do the same. In the days of being extremely busy with everything it seems I accepted the challenge. Now the big question, what is a personal vision.. Read More

Happy St. Nicholas Day!!

Greetings and Best Wishes from our house to yours!! I am such a festive mood today as today is St. Nicholas Day!! I can remember as a child polishing my best shoes and putting them outside my bedroom door the night prior to St. Nicholas Day with hopes that my shoes would be bearing some special treats for me the next morning!! It was a great tradition from my German.. Read More

Pinterest … My Secret Happy Place

Pinterest. It is my quiet, happy place. It’s a place I go to relax and get away from the day. It has so many wonderful ideas and how to’s that my own personal to do list is so long I need to live forever just to accomplish everything that is on it. If I want that is. Now the other day my mom asked what is Pinterest and how does.. Read More

New Year’s Resolution, How I’m doing so far?

Hello! So why am I writing this and why now? Simple. I am trying to be accountable to myself and try to keep on track and on target with my New Year’s resolution goal of losing weight and becoming fit. This was my 2016 Resolution. And how did I do??  Well … Life happened. Yup, with the best of intentions and no real plan … I will be turning last.. Read More

Hello December, Please be good to me …

It is hard to believe that it is December already!! Where has the time gone?? Where has the year gone?? Life is moving too quickly for me lately. The boys are growing up too fast for me. I already have a tween!! I’m too young for that! And my babies are 5 already too. I still remember when they were all babies. The certainly don’t stay young forever! Many have.. Read More