It is so important to make time for what matters the most in life. I know at times it is not always easy but I feel it’s a necessity in my life. First you need to determine what your priorities. For me, my priorities look like this: faith first, family, health and then work. And today I focused on family, more importantly my husband.


Tomorrow is his birthday and I wanted to do something special for him but I am working, boo. So I decided to take him out for lunch today instead. With a little bit of coordination of help from the Grandparents I was able to take the train into the city and meet up with him for lunch. It was so nice! I was able to see exactly where he works and have a nice lunch together. After lunch we took a walk along the board walk and spend some quality time together.


On the train ride home I reflected on the day and our relationship. I know I could have stayed home and done house work instead of traveling into the city for lunch. But you know what? Making the time to spend with my husband and have lunch with him and meet some of his colleagues was so worth it. It allowed me to show him that he’s important to me and that I love him.


The most wonderful decision I ever made was to share my life and heart with him. He loved me when I least deserved it because he knew that was when I most needed. I never thought I could love him more then when we got married. But you know what? I love him more today than then and I know it will continue to grow tomorrow.


It was a great day and it made my heart happy!


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