You would think by now I would have this whole healthy living goal under control, but the reality is I’m a struggling.

I started out on the right track, I lost several pounds and was very pleased. However, I fell off the proverbial wagon and gained every ounce back. Looking at recent photographs I am really not pleased with what I see and it makes my mental health unhealthy. Boo.

So I am going to do my best in getting myself back under control. I have once again started a weight loss challenge, hosted by my sister-in-law. The challenges I face are that I am on a certain medication that causes chemical weight gain, oh joy! And the unfortunate thing is I need to continue to take said medication. To counteract this, I am on another medication which suppresses my appetite, sort of. It does work, don’t get me wrong. It gives me the ability to make healthier choices and I do feel fuller sooner.

My ultimate goal is to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. That’s a whole lot of poundage to lose. But I have made a new friend, a colleague from work who also happens to be a personal trainer at a gym. Lucky for me she is willing to take me on as a client. See, diet is only half of the solution to getting healthier, exercise is the other half, and the half I am lacking in significantly.

So my journey has begun, again, at the beginning of this week by consistently taking my appetite suppressor medication and increasing my physical activity. Here’s hoping I can lose at lease 20 lbs. by August? I know it is a lofty goal but hey, why not reach for the stars. I need to take control of this as I am the only one who can. Being healthy and active is not just a benefit for myself but also for my boys too.