Why did I start Stef’s Writings? Good question. I started this blog as a creative outlet, a way to personally express my self. This blog is a personal blog and at times a personal diary. I have always loved to write and this is another way to do so. I was encouraged by by husband, who is a techie guy himself, to start a blog and I am so grateful for all his support throughout this venture. I write on things or topics that interest me and I hope you as well.


My blog started out more as a hobby and I continue to write because I enjoy doing so. My blog is purely for passion, and occasionally information sharing. Although, I have not been too faithful in my writing lately, my goal is to fix that. My solution is to begin using a blog planner to see if that will help me stay focused and motivated.


I did not start blogging in attempts to become popular or make some sort of income. While an added income would be nice, I won’t lie to you there, it is just not the purpose of my blog. My blog is a view into my personal world, thoughts that I am having, and interests that I have.


I wrote this post as a bit of a challenge and to provide personal insight as to why I became a blogger. Now, you also know my reasons for starting this blog. and as long as I continue to find enjoyment, I will continue to write. now what about you? Are you a blogger? Why did you start blogging? I would love to hear from you!

Take care.